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Eden’s transparent pricing guide

Want to get an idea of our pricing? No problem, see our pricing guide below. Or get a quote specific for your property transaction in an instant.

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What makes up your conveyancing quote?

Each property transaction is different, so your quote can vary based on factors like the property value, location, whether you’re buying or selling, and more.

In addition to conveyancing fees, keep in mind you will also have transaction costs. These include things like stamp duty and searches, and any additional costs we incur on your behalf.

Find our pricing guide below:

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Legal fees

Legal fees are what you pay us for acting on your behalf on your sale, purchase, or both.

Bandings are based on property price

Legal fees include VAT where applicable

Transaction costs

Transaction costs include any expenses related to the property purchase or sale that we either incur or pay on your behalf.

Bandings are based on property type

All prices shown include VAT where applicable

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At Eden, we make conveyancing make sense. We take the stress out of conveyancing with our dedicated service that always puts you, at the forefront of mind.

If you want conveyancing without complication, then get a quote from Eden to get started.

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